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The European Tour is committed to celebrating the game of golf from the origins of the professional game, building a proud history of achievement, sportsmanship and integrity as well as showcasing our diverse global talent.

Based in St. Andrews, The R&A organises The Open Championship, major amateur events and international matches. Together with the United States Golf Association, The R&A governs the game worldwide.

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Golf & Ride Portugal 2014

Cycling 1400 km through Portugal & playing one hole at each of 72 Golf courses to raise funds and awareness for EDGA.

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Turismo de Portugal Website

Golf & Ride Holland 2015

Representatives of the NGF including President Willem Zelsmann and the EDGA President Tony Bennett) along with PGA Holland Jimmy Heuven Staereling, (Training) got on the bike and played a hole at the Hilversum Golf Club, Golfpark Bosch, Golfclub Almeerderhout and Golfclub Zeewolde. Golf & Ride Holland lasts until October 5, 2015. more…

EDGA in Action

EDGA in Action

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International Austrian Championship

for Golfers with Disabilities 2016

June 18 to 21 - Completed

HandiGolf Bornholm 2016

June 6 to 8 - Completed

International German Wheelchair Challenge

June 2 to 5 - Completed

16th Italian Disabled Open 2016

May 10 to 11 - Completed

Handigolf French Open 2016

April 29 to May 01 - Completed

Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers

April 19 to 22 - Completed

EDGA Penina Open 2016

April 15 to 18 - Completed

A 3 minute preview for the film documenting the 2015 European Team Championships which was held at the Parador de Malaga golf course in Spain.

This film was produced by ETP and was shown on TV during the European Tour Weekly and also on Sky TV and around the world.


PING is synonymous with innovation, quality and service in the world of golf. Ping Website

PING supports the Ranking for Golfers with Disability

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Tommy Morrissey

3 year old golfer


Completed EDGA Tournaments for 2016

Finnish Disabled Open 2016

September 2 to 4

Including Event Reports & Results

Swedish Open for Disabled

August 28 to 29 - Completed

Scottish Open 2016 - The Sidey Cup

August 22 to 25 - Completed

European Individual Championship
for Golfers with a disability

July 11 to 13 - Completed

Thank you to the following trusts and foundations

Ruia Website

EDGA in ACTION - report
RCEDT 10 Years of Trust

RCEDT Website

EDGA Algarve Open 2016

December 1 to 3 - Completed

Upcoming EDGA Tournaments for 2017

Tournaments in discussion but not confirmed

Finnish Disabled Open

Swiss Open

German National Championship



Name & Location

April 24 to 27


Live Scoring

IV EDGA-Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers, Sitges, Spain

May 2 to 4


17th Italian Open For Disabled
Circolo Golf Club Parco de’ Medici
Near Rome, Italy

May 29 to 31


Paragolf Bornholm 2017 Denmark

June 16 to 18


Czech Disabled Golf Masters 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

June 28 to July 1


European Team Championship 2017
Quinta do Lago, Portugal Algarve

August 9 to 12


Swedish Invitational 2017
Bokshogen Malmo, Sweden

August 21 to 24

4 rounds

Scottish Open for The Sidey Cup
Fairmont St. Andrews Bay, Scotland

SDGP - Full information

September 1 to 3


International Austrian Open 2017

September 22 to 24


France Open 2017
AA St. Omer, France


end of season Flagship

Algarve Open 2017
Vila Sol, Algarve, Portugal

NB: Individual Event Pages will be added when more information is available

Completed EDGA Tournaments for 2017



Name & Location

February 10 to 12
** View Photos **


Spanish Open, Malaga, Spain

Scores:   Gross  -  Nett  -  Stableford

EDGA Results and Ranking 2017
Compiled 20/02/2017 - view full page




Cedric Lescut

Manuel de los Santos
Second Place

Ozyazici Ahmet
Second Place

Jakub Kovarik

Manuel de los Santos

Juan Postigo Arce
Third Place

Elina Pylkkanen
Leading Lady

Mette wegge Lynggaard
Leading Lady

Mette wegge Lynggaard
Leading Lady

Juan Postigo Arce
Second Place

Martin Wijsman
Third Place

Michael Hosna
Third Place