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At the beginning of 2014, EDGA made a commitment to change the then Order of Merit to a Ranking System. The pursuit of three interconnecting objectives was behind the decision.

Even so, EDGA recognised that golf is for all and the higher handicap players may not have the same ability to score around par; even so, they are just as competitive, and so the new system allowed for three different divisions and to find the leading players in multiple categories.  

The new system was named R4GD (Ranking for Golfers with Disability), and it became effective from 2015 allowing players to receive points based on their performance in every counting round and to receive additional points for finishing in the top places depending on the strength of the field. The ranking was designed to be a rolling 104 weeks cycle of results, and EDGA worked with golf’s leading authorities to ensure a fair system was implemented. It was also decided that professional golfers would only be eligible to be included in the gross ranking.

In January 2019 the administration of EDGA’s R4GD became the responsibility of WAGR (World Amateur Golf Rankings) and has now been renamed to WR4GD (World Rankings for Golfers with Disability).

EDGA is committed to providing tools and services to the game of golf that encourages integration, inclusiveness and respect for all golfers with disability. The R4GD is just one of several initiatives that EDGA has created which help to meet our objectives.   

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Completed EDGA Tournaments for 2015

1510 - Algarve

Event 1510 Portugal

1509 - Spain

Event 1509 Spain


1508 - Italy

Event 1508 Italy

Gross      Nett      Stableford

1507 - Finland

Event 1507 Finland

Gross      Nett      Stableford

1506 - Sweden

Event 1506 Sweden


1505 - Netherlands

Event 1505 NL

Gross      Nett      Stableford

1504 - Czech Republic

Event 1504 Czech

Gross      Nett      Stableford

1503 - Denmark

June 1-3 2015

1502 - France

Gross      Nett      Stableford

Event 1502 France

1501 - Algarve

Gross      Nett      Stableford

Event 1501 Penina

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WR4GD Rankings

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The World Ranking for Golfers with Disability (WR4GD) ranks the top golfers with disability on the basis of their average performance in Counting Events over a rolling cycle of the previous 104 weeks

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