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To make it easier for organisers and players, please use the general entry form when organising an EDGA tournament.
2014 example entry form for EDGA tournaments

Please read carefully the EDGA tournament rules when organising an EDGA tournament.
2014 Organising an EDGA approved tournament
2015 EDGA tournament system

This checklist must be used when you organise an EDGA badged tournament.
2014 EDGA tournament SAC (Self-Assessment Control)

You can view the R&A rules and other useful information from the official R&A website

If you need additional help then please contact EDGA at the Secretary’s office: mail@edgagolf.com

Organising a Tournament

Entry Form




There are three types of EDGA tournament as follows: Access, Challenge or Premier. If you would like to organise an EDGA tournament, please first complete the application form for an EDGA badge and we will respond within five working days. Once all requirements are agreed, we will then send the appropriate logo and conditions for use in all tournament exposure, along with an official announcement on this website.


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