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History of Norway

Brief history of golf for the disabled in Norway

History shows that it was the English "Salmon Lords", who arranged the first golf tournament played in Norway at the turn of the last century.

The Norwegian Golf Federation (NGF), founded in 1948, became a member of both the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committees, along with the Confederation of Sport (NOC/NPC) in 1967.

Since 1990, the NGF has been developing very quickly. In 1990, there was a membership of 15,000 players and by 2009 this peaked to 125,388 members which has now declined to 104,000. The NGF is now the 4th largest sports federation in Norway. (Only football, ski and handball have more members.)

NGF have taken responsibility for developing the sport at both the elite level and the mass level. From the 1st January 2004 the NGF also took responsibility for golfers with disability.


In 2006, The NGF started to classify golfers with disability. In many ways, this was the beginning of helping golfers with disability reach a competitive level. The NGF have followed the regulations given by EDGA and have co-operated with a physiotherapist and a experience doctor in classifying disabled athletes in other sports. These two individuals are today the team of classifiers that the NGF use. There are 38 classified players in Norway, of which  26 holds a EDGA Medical Pass.

In addition to classifying golfers, the NGF has seen the need for facilitating a personal rules certificate for golfers with disability. The basis of this can be found in the publication, “A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities” from The R&A. The personal rules certificate is used in all golf play, not only tournaments. In addition to the certificate, the NGF also gives dispensations from the regulation set for tournament play. By making a personal rules certificate for all classified players, the NGF are helping the local clubs by supplying written information about the individual players needs with regard to the Modification of the Rules of Golf.

The membership of EDGA, will for NGF be of vital interest to further develop our work with golfers with disability, and especially by working towards the goal of competitive golf in Norway.