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Media Galleries

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words. This may not always be true, but certainly in the history of mankind, never before has there been so many photographs taken and consumed in every minute of everyday. Today, easy to distribute video and audio files have added to the media offering and allow everyone, regardless of location to have the opportunity to “join” in with an event.

The media galleries which can be found here are designed to help the viewer easily navigate through a library of media. This is currently organised by selected videos, golfing event and by player.

Please enjoy our library which celebrates the activities and achievements of the players, officials and events that are part of the European Disabled Golf Association.

When using any EDGA media, please comply with our copyright conditions

Media organised by player


Jakub Kovarik

Hassan Chakboub

Adem Wahbi

Cedric Lescut

Manuel de Los Santos

Mathieu Cauneau

Maximilien Puget

Michal Hosna

Miroslav Lidinsky

Nino Ourabah

Czech Republic


Filipe Ferreira

Jurjen Engelsman

Martijn Wijsman

Antonio Mandich

Charles-Henri Quelin

Jurgen Boon

Kjeld Punt

Monique Kalkman




Philippe Pee

Rodolfo Cappellazzo

Tomas Provza

Richard Kluwen

Adolfo Lena Marin


Pierjean Frison

Stefan Mørkholt


Martin Case


Mick Horsley

Shaun Bakker

Duncan Hamilton-Martin

Tony Lloyd

Chris Foster


Joakim Bjorkman

Caroline Larsson

Nicolas Grossia

Aurelien Lacour

Mourad Louguar

#Adem #Miroslav #Charles-Henri #Charles-Henri

Please Note

All player photos are linked to Google Picasa Albums.

When using Internet Explorer, you may need to refresh the page (F5 key) to view the photos correctly.

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Sebas Lorente

Profile 0717 Sebastiaan Lorente Profile 0675 Cedric Lescut

Piere Dumas

Profile 0500 Pierre Dumas