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Player profiles

Who can truly know what goes through the mind of a player when they stand over a must make putt on the final green. Today we are shown in slow motion replay, the fraction of a second when the club meets the ball, and yet it is the months and years leading to the fraction of a second that really counts. We thank the players who by sharing their story help us to get to know them better.

It is commonly said that everyone has a story. On this page we celebrate the story behind what we perceive to be the person. We have asked players, media contributors, officials and guests to let us behind the exterior, just a little, in this series of profiles.

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Maria Manuel Delgado da Silva

Charles-Henri Quélin


Adem Wahbi


Media contributor profiles

The creative ability and expression of those people who paint memorable images through the lens of a camera, put together words on a page or arrange notes on a musical score, make the world a more enjoyable place for all of us.

EDGA give thanks to all those who have generously contributed their work to bring life to the pages of this website and capture the essence of the game of golf and the people who play it.

We invite all media contributors to submit information about themselves, contact details, their work and any examples they choose and we’ll be very happy to showcase them here.  

Cedric Lescut


 Sebastiaan Lorente


Gordon Railton

Algarve - Portugal

Profile - Gordon Railton

Diane Watson

Algarve - Portugal

Profile - Jana Brabnikova

Jana Brabnikova

Czech Republic

Piere Dumas

Profile 0500 Pierre Dumas Profile 1410 AWa Profile 0675 Cedric Lescut Profile 0111 CHQ Profile 0717 Sebastiaan Lorente Profile - Diane Watson