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Useful Links

EDGA doesn’t currently recommend or endorse any specific products or services. However, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of useful links for products & services that in our opinion are good or have been recommended to us.

We would also like to invite users to send us their comments, recommendations, complaints and criticisms regarding equipment and services which we will also add to this page.

Ottobock Paragolfer

The Paragolfer is a singular all-terrain special mobility device that lifts people from a sitting position to a standing position. The standing device allows for extremely fast and easy adjustment of seat depth and lower leg length — a feature without which the highly flexible function would not be possible.

By enabling an upright posture, the Paragolfer allows for unrestricted shoulder movement. This freedom is not only a huge benefit on the golf course, it also opens up new possibilities of movement during a range of other activities.

NB: All above text extracted from manufacturers website
Paragolfer Website  -  Paragolfer Product PDF

EDGA player Monique Kalkman (NL) pictured using the Ottobock Paragolfer

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