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Lee Westwood

EDGA are very proud to announce the appointment of Lee Westwood as an ambassador which will commence during July 2015.

At the 2014 EDGA workshops, we stated our aim of attracting two Ambassadors from golf who embody the spirit of the game, who would champion golf for individuals with impairment and promote the work of EDGA. We feel very fortunate and privileged that Lee Westwood will be the first Ambassador.

The opportunity for us to be able to reference Lee as an Ambassador will make a tremendous difference to the overall reach of the association. It is our hope that the appointment of  Lee will further inspire those players who regularly complete in EDGA approved tournaments.

EDGA President Tony Bennett said, "This appointment is a real boost for the association. Our thanks go to EDGA's Commercial Director Karl Morris of KRL Sport and Andrew (Chubby) Chandler from ISM for helping to make this a reality”.  We hope to develop further our Ambassador programme over the coming year and build on the already established relationships.

Over the last couple of years, we have attracted some very good and competent people to help propel the association forward. With a clear focus on where we are going, our team, which is made up of individuals of high professional competence are working to help deliver on the objectives outlined in the 2015-2017 EDGA strategic plan. Due to the speed of change we are in discussions with further individuals who have the right blend of knowledge, experience, and passion and who can work as part of a united team.

Some of the key building blocks for EDGA are to ensure that the association clearly understands what the principle objectives are, how we can serve individuals with impairment and contribute to the wider golfing community. To put it simply the major objectives fall into three categories:

1: to help encourage more individuals with impairment to experiment with golf as a possible sporting option.

2: to encourage the sports major authorities and national governing bodies to further embrace golf for the disabled and take responsibility for golfers with disability.

3: to gain acceptance from the IPC that golf be included in the Paralympics.