About EDGA development

EDGA started their journey into golf development back in 2007 by creating a coach education framework that sought to upskill qualified professionals specifically in the area of coaching golf to individuals with a disability. This framework was developed with the support of the Ryder Cup European Development Trust and gathered expert coaches, educationalists and players from more than ten countries. The completed framework was gifted to education providers. 

In 2017 EDGA created a dedicated development team as a strand of our operation. Since its inception, the EDGA development team has looked to develop systems, programmes and tools that build capacity in the golf industry and help coaches better serve their clients and enable golfers with a disability to have a better experience. 

Mark Taylor introduces a player with quadruple amputations.

As the number of national federation members grows, our development remit continues to expand with demand forever new development activities and resources. The range of these resources ensure that golfers with a disability are better served at each phase of the player pathway, which can be described as being – Sample – Participate – Compete.

EDGA’s wealth of experience in golf development results from being specialised in this particular sector and combines the knowledge of proven practitioners and educationalists. EDGAs Director of Development; Aimi Bullock and EDGA’s Head of Development/PGA Fellow Professional; Mark Taylor lead the golf development team. They are concerned with ensuring that national federations, non-governing bodies, disability organisations, volunteers, and golf coaches have access to timely and meaningful resources. 

Games led ‘Introducer Training’ – London 2018

Increasingly EDGA is advising some of the worlds leading golf organisations, and we value the opportunity to help shape the experience of the game for individuals with a disability. Our work with industry leaders such as; The IGF, The R&A, The DP World Tour, Ladies European Tour, The European Golf Association (EGA), The World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR), our National Federation Members, PGAs and many others is vital if we are to build bigger capacity in the game for those with a disability. 

EDGA has a stated ambition to grow the opportunities for golfers with a disability and get the game onto the menu of sporting options. The initial target is to encourage 500,000 individuals with a disability to try golf. 

The following pages will offer an overview of some of the resources available to help national federations, PGAs, education providers, golf clubs and coaches to drive awareness and the participation of golfers with a disability. 

One of three development workshops in South Africa supported by the Alfred Dunhill Links Foundation and delivered by EDGA

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