2: Golfers with a limb difference

2: Limb difference

Limb difference is the partial or complete absence of or malformation of limbs (arms and legs). There are two main types of limb difference: congenital limb difference and acquired limb difference. 

Congenital limb difference is also referred to as “limb reduction” or “congenital amputation” or “amelia” and occurs when someone is born missing all or part of their upper and/or lower limbs. 

Acquired limb differences is also known as “amputation” and occurs when someone has a limb removed for medical reasons, or accidentally due to trauma.

Players with limb difference may require adapted equipment or fastening devices to secure the handle – as a coach be prepared to adapt equipment and keep a cache of fastening devices such as velco straps.

James Mines (UK) – Quad amputee – 1st session with adapted equipment
Tony Lloyd (UK) – Limb difference