EDGA/EOSE latest research groups for golf industry standards underway..


EDGA’s Head of development Mark Taylor will be an advisory member on the latest EOSE Coaching & Management expert research groups. Identifying new industry needs and updating the occupational standards for coaching golf – this research and the derived outcomes from the desk research will help shape future coaching standards, identifying key coaching roles and descriptors to encourage growth of the game at every level of participation and create new coaching educational opportunities for both volunteers and qualified coaches. The groups will meet every two weeks and compile the necessary research and input between meetings.

EOSE & EDGA Expert Coaching Group

The work towards this output will be conducted by two Expert Working Groups:
1. Coaching Expert Working Group
2. Management & Industry Expert Working Group

The expert coaching group includes; Wojciech Waśniewski -Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG), Dr Kyle Philpots – (CPG), Geoff Carroll – EOSE, Anthony Otterstrom – PGA of Belgium Head of Education and Mark Taylor – EDGA Head of Development PGA Fellow Professional.

Development of the EDUGOLF Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) – European Occupational Standards – has now begun with the first meeting taking place virtually on March 1st –  expected to be completed by October 2022. The Occupational Standards could also be described as a competence framework, and will define the competences, skills and knowledge needed to carry out identified roles in golf (such as coach and manager). The main tasks related to this outputs are as follows:

  1. Define the purpose and detailed working methodology to develop the European Occupational Standards for golf
  2. Carry out a wide desk research for existing examples of occupational standards relevant to the golf workforce 
  3. Use existing Occupational Standards as a starting point and a benchmark, and evaluate their suitability for use in the project
  4. Identify the minimum core competences, skills and knowledge required to carry out identified roles in golf 
  5. Design the template to be used  for developing the Occupational Standards (e.g. performance criteria, knowledge and understanding)
  6. Develop a draft version of the Occupational Standards for golf 
  7. Include a specific section as an initial guidance on the way the Occupational Standards can be used by individuals, organisations etc
  8. Circulate the draft version to the partnership and collate feedback to revise the content of the document
  9. Conduct a consultation
  10. Collate feedback, finalise and sign off the European Standards
  11. Implement a professional layout, print hard copies for dissemination and put the electronic version online 

Expert Working Groups will update existing golf standards and start developing new standards based on research findings. This is a key output from EDUGOLF and EDGA in support of the golf industry.

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