EDGA driving coach education for golfers with disability in Spain

EDGA’s Head of Development Mark Taylor was recently in Madrid with the EDUGOLF project, where he was also able to give the first coaching experience to recently disabled player Fernando at the High Performance centre of The Royal Spanish Golf Federation in Madrid – Fernando who is still in rehabilitation from a skiing accident early this year is keen to return to golf – Observed by Enrique Martin Duran the Head of Education for the Spanish Golf Federation, Mark and Fernando working together were quickly able to establish a 170m drive from a seated position – The Spanish Golf Federation which shortly deploy the coach education resources of EDGA where Mark will return to Spain to train coaches and upskill them on best practice when coaching golfers with disability –

More information on EDGA Coach Education can be found here: https://edgagolf.com/dev/index.php/edga-golf-development-coach-education/

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