EDGA & RSM increasing opportunities..

The EDGA development team visited two @RSMUK offices this week to deliver EDGA3 training to employees of both London and Birmingham branches. EDGA’s Head of development and PGA Fellow Professional; Mark Taylor implemented training to 23 employees of @RSMUK across the two venues, quoting “This training will give the attendees an opportunity to reach out to local disability groups and deliver sessions to people with disabilities from local communities, who may never have considered golf as an option for them“.

EDGA3 – Showcasing how versatile EDGA3 can be in non-traditional golf environments

Through the @RSMUK EnABLE programme, these newly trained sampler coaches will be able to introduce golf to a new local audience of children and adults with disability.

The training also discussed how the learnt coaching skills such as; communication, empathy and feedback, could benefit the attending individuals in the workplace. The delegates were allocated different coaching scenarios and tasked to coach with simulated disabilities – including sensory and physical impairments.

Employees of RSM delivering simulated visual impairment

The feedback from the sessions has been fantastic, with @RSMUK now looking at further dates to replicate this training in Manchester and Liverpool. @RSMUK will also support several upcoming EDGA events where the attendees can now become further engaged in these future ‘in event’ development activations for people with disabilities.

Mark Taylor delivering an example coaching session on communication and feedback at RSM London

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