EDGA @Leuchie House with Aimi

Aimi Bullock visits Leuchie House – Scotland

Leuchie House have been exploring the introduction of golf sessions for guests, following an uplifting visit from Aimi Bullock, EDGA Development Director. The golf session was also attended by Alan Oliver, Participation Officer with Scottish Golf, who is also delighted to see Leuchie embracing a sport with such a deep connection to East Lothian.

Aimi gave a demonstration of EDGA3 – EDGA’s outreach sampler research available to centres wishing to introduce golf to people living with a disability, utilising a golf equipment which can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Aimi, who herself was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013, said: ““I am fit and healthy at the moment, but to come to Leuchie and see what can be done for people who perhaps have more progressed forms of the disease, or other neurological conditions, is just amazing. To hear the stories of the difference the physiotherapy and technology makes to people’s lives is really uplifting.

“It will be nice to see golf added to Leuchie’s list of activities. We run a sample session where we introduce people to a form of golf, one which is designed to be fun and where everyone can get involved. It has gone down really well with the guests at Leuchie.

“It’s great to use for therapy and physical activity – to see people using their minds to control their bodies. The health benefits of it are incredible, and we have seen some people go from whacking the ball to getting a bit more controlled and their minds working in a different way. Among the people who have tried it at Leuchie, there has been lots of determination and no shortage of competitiveness either!”