EDGA Federation Media Collateral

EDGA Play Golf – Poster campaign available in different languages to support your golf for the disabled initiatives

We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult to create marketing material to support and advertise you sessions Posters and graphics illustrate eight players enjoying competitive golf along with a brief description of their disability, including players with amputation, a golfer who plays from a wheelchair, and others who are winning on the fairways and greens despite significant health conditions or challenges. More information can be found here: https://edgagolf.com/online/www/page9.html

EDGA Mulligan ‘tough love and second chances’ Publication

18 personal accounts of players with a disability, competing in the game of golf. Every story demonstrates how the power of the human spirit can move people to achieve their goals despite significant obstacles. More information can be found here: https://www.edgagolf.com/online/book/index.php

EDGA Mulligan Film

MULLIGAN is a timeless film that shares the stories of six golfers who refuse to be defined by their disabilities. In just 44 minutes, the film reveals how golf has made a difference in each of the player’s lives. Adem, Juan, Marcus, Mike, Monique, and Stewart, opened their homes, and their hearts to share their hopes and fears.

With its highs and lows, MULLIGAN invites the viewer into the world of golf for the disabled. These players are achievers, people who have taken life by the scruff of the neck, and wrestled with the inevitable doubts and challenges that living in a world designed for a non-disabled population presents. Not every person with a disability has such a story, and yet each has to deal with their particular challenges. To each, we tip our hat and hope that our film can help the world to become more aware of the indiscriminate nature of disability and raise awareness that together we can do more. More information can be found here: https://edgagolf.com/online/media/