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EDGA’s head of development Mark Taylor – PGA Fellow Professional delivering a taster session to new samplers at Leuchie House, Scotland

EDGA promotes the following player pathway:

This pathway describes the typical journey of a person involved in golf, regardless of age, gender, ability and background.

The journey starts with an individual picking up a golf club for the very first time and typically follows a spike in interest to try or experience the game. This interest is usually the result of seeing or hearing about the game. Therefore, raised awareness of the game, its characteristics, benefits, opportunity and locality are critical factors to encourage newcomers to sample golf.

A sampler in rehabilitation experimenting with golf for the first time 2014

Current golfers with a disability reveal the person responsible for providing their first experience of golf is often a close family member, relation, friend, or trusted colleague. This is no different for people with a disability than it is for non-disabled players. An informal setting for this introduction is common for younger samplers. Those who start later are more likely to begin in a formal or semi-formal setting, such as a structured activity with friends or

The next three sections identify those who commonly service the sampler, participant and competitor and describe the resources used by EDGA to develop their knowledge and skill set. This overview also contains information on the coach assessment and accreditation process EDGA can deliver collectively with coaches who operate within your federation or PGA.

Out on the grass – the next step of the player pathwayPortugal 2018

EDGA’s coach education assessment & accreditation process

EDGA will provide an assessment for each level of coach education – Sampler – Participant – Competitor. The assessment process at each level will involve coaches engaging with remote learning through to more developed practices including experiential and reflective learning at the more advanced levels of the coach education pathway. This assessment process can also be incorporated into the existing coaching framework of the coaching workforce provider.

The assessment process will identify that the coach has met and exceeded the learning outcomes of coaching golfers with disability at each; Sampler – Participant – Competitor coach level. Assessment will comprise of a combination of online/remote learning, reflective experiential learning, face to face learning followed by a practical assessment of the coach delivering a session to a golfer with a disability.

Accreditation levels;

1: Approved EDGA Sampler Coach – Delivering fun, accessible, inclusive sessions in non-traditional club environments.

2: Approved EDGA Participant Coach – Developing players with disability at club level and gaining more insight into the range of impairments, creating impairment specialism.

3: Approved EDGA Competitor Coach – Working on specific athlete development to further improve the participant to represent at national and international levels – including specific skills around impact factors and low point control to optimise the performance of the competitive golfer with a disability,

These accreditations will be issued through the national golf federation or the respective PGA of the assessed coach. Approved coaches will also be recognised within the EDGA geographical database and recommended to people who submit enquiries around coaching golf to people with disabilities.

For more information and to discuss the training options that EDGA can provide your organisation please contact:

Mark Taylor EDGA Head of Development – PGA Fellow Professional and main author of EDGA359

EDGA development team office: +44 (0) 800 8611472