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The EDGA Development Map outlines an 8-Step programme that offers golf federations an all-encompassing programme to develop the provision of golf for the disabled. The interactive resource with the support of the EDGA development team provides national golf federations with the necessary expertise to further develop or initiate their support for golfers with disabilities.

The EDGA 8-Step programme has already been deployed as a development tool by EDGA with the support of The R&A across many national federations.

EDGA will assist each respective team within your organisation to ensure that each development step is optimised to maximise the growth of golf for the disabled within your country.

Below is an overview of the subjects covered within this development resource;

Contact EDGA’s Head of Development, PGA Fellow Professional – Mark Taylor

EDGA Development Team Office: +44 (0) 800 8611472

Driving participation of women and girls with disability

EDGA’s commitment to The R&A’s “Women in Golf Charter” recognises the importance of encouraging pathways for female golfers, through every stage from a sampler of the game, becoming a participant in golf and finally being a competitor.

The EDGA 4 Step Female Participation resource integrates with the EDGA 8 Step Development Programme and utilises EDGA’s wealth of experience in developing the golf provision for female participants with a disability to maximise the growth and development of this group.

Contact EDGA’s Director of Development and Graduate of The R&A Women in Golf Leadership Programme; Aimi Bullock for further information.