EDGA implements Dewiz technology to drive more research..

Mark Taylor using the Dewiz device which will help to capture metrics of golfers with disability
Swing metrics are captured to a very interactive mobile App

The Dewiz device will prove a valuable asset in capturing vital and important swing metrics from various impairment classes as we continue to research potential sport classes. The data collected will also be incredibly important in future development of our coach education resources, as we can now identify motion patterns around hand-path, hand speed, transition deviation and commonalities across different impairment groups, providing coaches with the latest information gleaned from the device.

The feedback from the device provides many useful metrics which would undoubtedly assist improvement of many golfers of all standards, also assisting players in the upper echelons of G4D to further improve their performance.

EDGA would like to thank Dewiz for their support in the ongoing research more info here; https://dewizgolf.com/