Player pathway: Competitor

3: Competitor: Committed

Definition: compete is to be committed to a sports activity in which you are trying to win or improve performance.


Will almost certainly be a member of a golf club and while will have a regular group of other members or friends to play with, will also enter competitions alone or with others and will enter events outside of their own club.

Prefers to play in a competitive environment and is committed to improving, therefore allocating substantial time and resources. Golf will have importance in the lives of the competitor who will likely be involved in regular coaching to get better and may be spending additional time developing fitness, flexibility, strength, nutrition and mental skills. Usually presents a good technical understanding of golf and will often have goals within the competitive element of play. Often consumes media content (publications and video) in an effort to further develop a competitive edge.


The competitor often utilises the latest golf equipment technology and will be prepared to change clubs more often and generally invest more in the game. The investment and commitment will continue to retain competitors as long as the player pathway and coaching offer continues to service their needs.

Target demographic:

  • Professional coaches
  • Specialist coaches
  • Performance coaches

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