Player pathway: Sampler

1: Sampler – Interested

Definition: to experience a place or an activity, often for the first time.


Someone who has not yet decided if golf is for them or even experienced the game although they may show an interest. May be taking lessons as an individual or in a group or seen golf on a social media feed or TV. May play the occasional game with borrowed/hired/handed down clubs which may not be suitable. Probably not a member of a club and could be active in other sports. Important to get samplers to a level of competence they feel comfortable and recognising that they can improve.


Sampler sessions may take place in a traditional golf setting, but may be better positioned in non-traditional golf facilities such as; parks, sports halls and attached to activities within communities. Such settings can assist in changing the perception of golf and provide a stepping stone in the recruitment of more participants to conventional club activity.

Develop friendship groups and promote the social and health benefits of the game within the coaching sessions and/or the golf club. Sessions should be fun, inclusive, dynamic and challenging. Shorter formats which avoid the perception that golf takes too long are better placed at this entry level with sessions lasting no more than two hours.

The Sampler coach is integral to developing a love of the game and transitioning samplers into participants.

Target Demographic:

  • Volunteers
  • Support workers
  • Physiotherapists/rehabilitation therapists
  • National disability organisations
  • Paralympic organisations/Paralympic sports
  • Eligibility assessors
  • Competitive golfers with a disability
  • Golf federation staff.
PGA Norway coach education

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