Strokes Gained research in collaboration with Arccos

EDGA player research protocol – May 2022

The research collected from competitive rounds played will assist EDGA in formulating sport classes to identify sport specific impact traits and commonalities of golfers with disability, the end result of this research will provide an invaluable starting point for a potential World Championships, further development of coach education and the basis of the structure of a future Paralympic golf event.

Arccos and EDGA will work collectively utilising their smart technology to collect Stokes Gained data from the competitive rounds of golf being played in both G4D Tour and EDGA Tour events – this data in collaboration with EDGA, Arccos and Trackman (launch data) will then be analyzed and presented for the allocated research. The Strokes Gained data collected from rounds played at G4D and future EDGA Tour events will support the collation of vital data and metrics to move forward with identifying the relevant sport classes, assisting the development and research team in establishing how varying impairments play and further strengthening our knowledge to develop relevant coach education material.

EDGA would like to thank Arccos for their support in this research project.