World's most talented golfers with disabilities to play in The G4D Open

The event will be staged in partnership with the DP World Tour and its inaugural playing contested by up to 80 players over the Duchess course at Woburn from 10-12 May 2023. EDGA, has been involved in the development of the championship and will continue to support in an advisory role. 

World class
Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A, said, “We have established The G4D Open to provide a world-class stage for the very best golfers with disabilities to compete against each other and realise their ambitions at an elite level of the sport. ”Eligible amateur and professional golfers, including men and women, playing in The G4D Open will contest a 54 hole stroke play gross competition with an overall winner determined at the end of three rounds. There will also be a gross prize in several categories.

G4D Tour Announces Expanded 2023 Schedule

The G4D Tour (Golf for the Disabled Tour) has announced its 2023 global schedule, with an expanded calendar of nine tournaments in eight countries.

Launched in 2022, the G4D Tour sees the world’s leading golfers with a disability compete on the same course, the same week, as professionals on the DP World Tour. 

EDGA Badged Events

One of EDGA’s achievements is to provide approval for three different categories of international golfing events that meet the minimum criteria for golfers with disability.

WR4GD & Access Pass

To participate in an EDGA badged event, a WR4GD or a non-ranked ACCESS pass will be required. These passes are administered and issued by the EDGA medical team.

Learn more about EDGA badged events and how you can apply for your pass.  

WR4GD Rankings

The World Ranking for Golfers with Disability (WR4GD) is administered by the USGA and R&A under the name of WAGR. According to the players golf handicap, they will be ranked under Gross, Net or Stableford.

Only players with a WR4GD pass can be ranked with WR4GD 

EDGA YouTube is home to the EDGA video library comprising of more than 125 videos associated with golf for the disabled. The library has five sections each with wealth of video content relevant to the specific section 

EDGA Profiles

The Golfers First Profiles came from a deep belief that everyone has a story, that is not only worth telling, but also worth sharing. Perhaps you or someone that you know is in need of a boost of inspiration or a signpost to what can be achieved.

EDGA Registered Golfers

Full list of WR4GD and EDGA registered golfers including pass number, organised by country.

This list also displays event photographs for individual players along with links to player interviews 

EDGA Member Countries 

EDGA’s members are now located worldwide with more than 33% from outside of Europe. Recent members include Golf Australia, New Zealand Golf, The Indian Golf Union, The Costa Rica Golf Association, The Argentina Golf Association, Golf South Africa, The Israeli Golf Association and The Lebanese Golf Federation

EDGA Teams

EDGA relies on a rapidly growing team of international disability assessors comprising of volunteer doctors and physical therapists who are required to attend Tournaments all around the world.

EDGA would also not function without the commitment of the core teams which includes the Board of Directors 

EDGA Golf Development

EDGA’s Development actions help National Federations and the coaching workforce develop more capacity in the area of golf for the disabled.

EDGA provides training and programmes for volunteers, coaches, and golf professionals for multiple organisations.

Featured EDGA News Stories

EDGA golf project with Ukraine adapts to help casualties of war  

The Ukraine Golf Federation is working with EDGA in a new project to introduce people with a disability, including specifically those affected by the ongoing war, to the rehabilitation and health benefits provided by golf. 

Doctors, physiotherapists and PGA coaches from Ukraine are being trained by EDGA, with funding from The R&A, to offer golf to the nation’s citizens who have a medical impairment/condition. It is called the ‘FREEPEOPLE EDEM Project’, named after the Edem Resort Medical and Spa in Lviv.

Victory for Kipp Popert

EDGA 359 Pilot Project to enhance coach training for all abilities athletes

Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada are committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the physical, psychological, and social benefits golf can offer.

As part of this commitment, the national golf organizations have launched the EDGA 359 Pilot Project, presented by Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada, partnering with EDGA (formerly the European Disabled Golf Association) on coach training designed to demystify adaptive golf and give coaches the confidence needed to launch and develop programs for golfers with disabilities across Canada.


EDGA's development in Spain

The EDGA Development Team will visit the Real Spanish Federation of Golf (RFEG) on the 17th and 18th of October following the DP World Tour/G4D Tour Estrella Damm N.A. Andalucía Masters. Mark Taylor, EDGA Head of Development, Instruction & Education, will work with the RFEG and the PGA of Spain to deliver a two-day coach education programme. The programme takes place at the National Training Centre in Madrid. It provides practical and implicit learning opportunities for the coaches to increase their knowledge and skills to coach golf for the disabled.

Skaftö Open: A first for the LET and golfers with disability

An eight player, 36 hole, mixed team event running alongside an LET event - here's what happened at the G4D Skaftö Open and why it is a significant moment for golfers with disability.

It was a momentous occasion last week as the stars of the Ladies European Tour (LET) were joined by G4D (Golf For Disabled) players at Skaftö Golf Club in Sweden where they competed for a separate trophy over the weekend.  

Victory for Kipp Popert

RSM European Play-off Series underlines benefits of inclusive golf

The 2022 RSM European Play-off Series at Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club (Sept 20-22) has shown how golf can be more inclusive and benefit a wider audience, says EDGA

EDGA players, supporters and volunteers (including helpful Stratford members) joined together to raise awareness of how the sport can encourage more new golfers with a disability to take part, while helping regular golfers to succeed at different levels of competition via a strong player pathway. In four days of tournament play, golfers from eight nations were welcomed to the event, supported for a second year by leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM UK.


G4D Tour Launch

DP World Tour and EDGA expand global reach of Golf for the Disabled with the launch of G4D Tour

G4D Tour will feature a minimum of seven events, culminating in the G4D Grand Finale in Dubai.

Transformational package for EDGA as part of the Tour’s Golf for Good initiative 

EDGA New Branding

EDGA, has been rebranded. EDGA collaborated with ETIC_Algarve - School of innovation and communication technologies, based in Faro, Portugal, to create a new visual identity that respects the players on their EDGA journey.



2021 president’s award for golf development recognises edga’s global impact and influence. In acknowledgement for its ongoing development activity and delivery of global projects and initiatives related to golf for the disabled, EDGA has been awarded the CPG’s 2021 President’s Award for Golf Development

Fab four EDGA players share their skills at The Open

Four EDGA golfers who appeared in The R&A’s Champions’ Celebration during July 2022 and used their experience and skill in the game to encourage new young golfers and families visiting the Golf Foundation charity at The Open at St Andrews. 

Mulligan Book

"tough love and second chances"
18 personal accounts of golfers with a disability. Despite significant obstacles, every story demonstrates how the power of the human spirit can move people to achieve their goals despite significant obstacles.

For every donation of 25€ or more, EDGA will GIVE a book to a hospital, rehabilitation/medical centre, or organisation to ensure that anyone who needs a lift, is able to read the inspiring words of MULLIGAN. As a token of our appreciation, we will GIFT another book, for you to keep and enjoy. 

Season One of “HOW I PLAY” series of educational tools

The series aims to provide tips and tricks that the featured players use to help them play to the best of their ability.

HOW I PLAY is hosted by Tony Bennett who discusses golf technique, preparation, recovery, practice routines and course strategy with the featured players. In each session Tony calls on highly skilled coaches, who add their insights to help bring the discussions within reach of all players, regardless of ability. 

Mulligan Movie

MULLIGAN is a timeless film that shares the stories of six golfers who refuse to be defined by their disabilities. In just 44 minutes, the film reveals how golf has made a difference in each of the player's lives. Adem, Juan, Marcus, Mike, Monique, and Stewart, opened their homes, and their hearts to share their hopes and fears.

MULLIGAN was lovingly created by EDGA, together with Big Bounce Productions, with the support of RSM and The R&A

EDGA Ambassadors

Nick Dougherty is new ambassador for EDGA, to help more golfers with disability to enjoy the game

Former European Tour player and now Sky Sports presenter Nick Dougherty has agreed to be an official ambassador for EDGA

Nick says “I am really proud to become an ambassador for EDGA. Having worked alongside EDGA’s players for Sky Sports I have been struck by their focus, their ability to adapt and their determination to reach their potential. I’ve been hugely impressed. 

Carly Booth welcomed as EDGA Ambassador for inclusive golf

Ladies European Tour player Carly Booth says “I have a passion for helping others and want to see people of all abilities have the chance to achieve something for themselves. Being a golfer and knowing the sport, to get more people involved in golf with EDGA is particularly fitting. I also want to help get more women and girls into the game and if I can help EDGA to do this, that’s great. I’m looking forward to being part of the team.”

Top golfer Paul Waring signs up as EDGA Ambassador to help golfers with disability

European Tour star Paul Waring has been one of the European Tour’s most popular golfers with fans and players alike since he started competing on the Tour in 2008. Paul won his first European Tour title, the 2018 Nordea Masters in his 200th tournament.

Tony Johnstone welcomed as EDGA Ambassador for inclusive golf

Former European Tour star and now Sky Sports analyst Tony Johnstone has been welcomed as an official Ambassador for EDGA. Tony says, “Seeing the way that some of the golfers with disability play blows my mind. It is an absolute pleasure to be an Ambassador for this association.”

Now 21 Years Old

And we are keener than ever to support golfers with disability

As a 21 year-old, EDGA aims to help 500,000 people with disability to try golf and enjoy the game. EDGA will use this special anniversary year to spread awareness of the considerable physical and mental health benefits of the sport, and to grow the game for all players with disability all over the world.

Highlights include an article on the history of EDGA by former General Secretary Pieter van Duijn, a pictorial tribute to 21 EDGA golfers with disability, a fun social media challenge based around 21st birthdays, and a lively reader competition courtesy of Women & Golf.  

Featured Partner - RSM

As a small token of gratitude to our very supportive partners, every month we'll be putting focus on individual partners. This month, the focus is on RSM and we offer our sincere gratitude for all of their amazing support that really is - changing lives  

RSM’s sponsorship of EDGA extends the firm's ambitious partnership strategy within golf and supports its wider corporate and social responsibility programme. As part of the tie-up, RSM will support EDGA to get 500,000 new players with a disability to try golf for the first time. It will also play a role in supporting EDGA's longer term goal of getting disability golf accepted as an official sport at the Paralympic Games.  

Introducing Team RSM
Team RSM is made up of two professional golfers, being Andy Sullivan, and Alice Hewson. These each compete at the highest level in golf and RSM is proud to have them as ambassadors. You can learn more about these players on the RSM YouTube Playlist.

RSM and golf
RSM believe that the qualities required to be successful in golf reflect their core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and stewardship – something RSM strives to deliver in every client engagement. The partnership RSM has with its global ambassadors (Team RSM), and EDGA supports their commitment to the development of golf at all levels across the UK. 

RSM is a leading audit, tax and consulting firm to the middle market with 3,650 partners and staff operating from 33 locations throughout the UK. Globally, RSM’s international network spans over 120 countries, 820 offices and more than 48,000 people

RSM Website


Our Partners

EDGA has worked to develop key partnerships with some of the worlds top names in golf and we continue to work to grow these relationships


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