Press Release: Tuesday May 10, 2022


EDGA, has been rebranded. EDGA collaborated with ETIC_Algarve - School of innovation and communication technologies, based in Faro, Portugal, to create a new visual identity that respects the players on their EDGA journey. 

The creative process was led by Professor Rita Sampaio and student João Canhoto, who worked closely with Scott Bennett, Head of Communication & Marketing at EDGA.

Scott said: “2022 has marked an exciting new chapter in the history of EDGA, and our new branding is representative of this evolution. As an association, we operate in multiple areas, such as development, tournaments, and eligibility; we also advise on rules, standards and facility design but in every case our activities are centred on the golfer. The new branding supports the long-held EDGA strapline of ‘Golfers First’ and will highlight exactly where EDGA focuses its attention.” 

EDGA considers the golfer first rather than their disability; therefore, a fundamental objective for the new visual identity was to create a logo that would represent the golfer. The “G” is the key visual that symbolises the golfer as the centre of all EDGA’s activity. The new logo also represents the movement of the swing that links all EDGA players.

Additionally, a logo has been created for the international EDGA Tour that, in 2022, will visit 12 countries. By incorporating the “T” and developing a globe shape, the EDGA Tour logo highlights EDGA’s worldwide reach to golfers with a disability.

EDGA’s new branding is now being rolled out across the various EDGA touch-points. 


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