PLAY GOLF campaign to inspire many new players

Press Release: Wednesday November 13, 2019

EDGA has launched a new international campaign to inspire people with disability to try golf and enjoy the multiple benefits of the sport

Developed in partnership with Portuguese creative agency LUV, the new ‘PLAY GOLF’ campaign showcases eight EDGA players from three Continents with a range of disabilities who live life to the full through playing golf. The campaign is supported by a dedicated training programme which will engage with hospitals, rehabilitation centres, golf clubs and other sporting venues throughout 2020.

Posters and graphics illustrate the eight players enjoying competitive golf along with a brief description of their disability, including players with amputation, a golfer who plays from a wheelchair, and others who are winning on the fairways and greens despite significant health conditions or challenges. 

EDGA is the international body that helps people with disability to thrive through the power of golf and together with its membership of 29 national golf federations wants to encourage 500,000 new players to try the game. 

It is expected that PLAY GOLF can raise more awareness that golf can be a highly inclusive game ideal for those with disability, offering physical and mental health benefits, as well as social benefits, for all those taking part.

EDGA players have been acting as role models and by showcasing their abilities through PLAY GOLF, EDGA intends to inspire new players to pick up a golf club while creating more opportunities to get started in the game. A dedicated training programme is being implemented, supported by national golf federations, during the year ahead.  

EDGA President Tony Bennett said: “The PLAY GOLF campaign is focused on creating interest, excitement and action so that people with disability are aware that almost everyone can play the truly inclusive game of golf. We are very grateful that eight of our established EDGA players have helped us with the campaign, each one of whom has overcome a huge challenge to play the game with a smile and enjoy life with fellow golfers; they are wonderful ambassadors for the game.  

“PLAY GOLF will gain momentum throughout 2020 and we will work together with hospitals, rehab centres, federations and PGAs to ensure that the appropriate training is given to therapists, doctors, carers, coaches and professionals in a growing number of our member federations.”

Parts of the PLAY GOLF campaign were first revealed at the 2019 Portugal Masters in October, ahead of the full launch at the EDGA Workshops and AGM, which take place this week in Portugal (November 13/14). PLAY GOLF will be translated and fully implemented during 2020.  

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